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Dear friends and family,

Happy Halloween!!!! My family (Aluel, Nina, Thomas, and I) is sending wonderful Halloween celebration greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. We wish you and your family a wonderful day filled with love, hope, and joy!

Today, I am reminded of last year’s Halloween celebration. My daughter Nina and my son had an unforgettable time in Kingwood, Texas. Most houses in our neighborhood decorated their front yards with traditional Halloween decorations, accessories, and carving pumpkins. Although we don’t know what Halloween celebrations entail, we know Nina will love it tremendously. My wife dressed up Nina with her favorite costume, and off the door, we left for a trick-or-treating.

Joy was written all over Nina and her brother’s faces. What was fascinating, however, was that Nina was leading the way. She goes to every family sitting by their houses and says, “Happy Halloween!”. Through her novice relationship-building skills, she was able to collect lots of all types of candies. She also contributed positively to building a beautiful relationship with our neighbors.

A year later, we are celebrating Halloween in East Africa but with lesser attention compared to the US. To bring Nina close to home, I took Nina yesterday to a Mall closer to the UN compound and the US embassy here in Nairobi because I was under the impression that they would do some decoration. I was right! As soon as Nina saw the Halloween decorations, her face lit up, and she got excited instantaneously. We had a good time walking around the mall and enjoyed a delicious meal; then we came back. Her joy was vividly through the roof. Nina Happy kindled hope and joy in The Theils family.  

We wish you and your family a joy-filled day, too! 

Once again, Happy Halloween 🙂

International Operations:

UHI 2022 – 2023 Student Scholarship Program: 

UHI 2024 Student Scholarship Program:

We, the Undying Hope team on the ground, are getting ready to review scholarship applications for the 2024 school year, which will start in January through December 2024. However, we have a challenge and need your financial support to get us through the next academic year and beyond. Donating any amount (even $10 or more/month) makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Please consider kindling someone’s life and keeping them in school. The price of two cups of coffee or two bottles of milk a month can keep a student in a classroom instead of dropping out due to their family’s inability to pay school fees (tuition). Would you consider joining Undying Hope’s monthly donation of any amount? 

Click here to learn how to give online or send your monthly checks to this physical address.

Undying Hope International
P.O. Box 2514
5350 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston (Bellaire), Texas 77402

On behalf of South Sudan and Kenyan students, thank you in advance for considering joining Undying Hope’s monthly donations. Those who are already on our monthly recurring gifts, thank you so much! You are making a significant difference in this part of the world. Many life is being transformed because of your continued financial support. 

Undying Hope Alumni:

On behalf of the Undying Hope leadership team, I would like to let you know that this year, we have eight students graduating from the University of Juba, one from senior secondary school (high school) and four from elementary schools (primary schools). To say that we are happy to witness Undying Hope’s first alumni is an understatement. This is a huge deal, and we are incredibly ecstatic. Together, we helped these young people cross their first milestone. Undying Hope Coordinator and I are working on developing Undying Hope Alumni Association. Keep us and our first alumni in your thoughts and prayers!

Story of Hope from South Sudan


Recently I boarded a tuktuk (rasksha) and while leaving the loading station, the station tut asked for a certain fee always paid by tuktuk riders and bus drivers when they load passengers from the designated stations. The rider said in Arabic, “I don’t have it now but when I return, I will give you.” The tut could have none of that and continued to demand that he pay up by all means. So, one of the passengers on board mocked the rider saying, “how can you lack common 200 SSP?” To which the youngster responded saying this was his first ride to get make cash for the day. So, long story short one of the passengers paid up and that off we rode. It immediately hit me how several young school going boys out there riding bikes (commonly known as “bodaboda”) or the tuktuks (rakshas) in turn just to have some pocket money or even raise school fees. One will ride making business in the morning or the afternoon hours and another will take it on through the evening or the night. 

The boy-child languishes in untold strives to be able to raise school fees. Some are engaged in menial. While many are really trying to make a better future for themselves, others have given up and taken to the streets as thugs robbing people by daylight and night. With a little boast many of these would return and others about to get discouraged will have their hope rekindled. Education has a way of keeping one hopeful. Imagine what dreams would come alive at the light of education. Undying hope is lighting up hope across South Sudan and beyond (Kenya) through their scholarship program. Be a part of this great endeavor. Be remembered as a hope-giver. Thanks for your generosity.

Until next update, take care of yourself and each other 

With much love and gratitudes 

Theil T. Theil
President & Co-Founder
Undying Hope International, Inc.