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Raising Current
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The mission of Undying Hope is educational to impact the people of South Sudan, and beyond, in four spheres of activity: basic education, public health, and healthcare services, leadership development, and spiritual formation.

EducationPublic HealthHealthcare ServicesLeadership DevelopmentSpiritual Formation

Decades of civil war devastated South Sudan

Thousands of precious lives were lost, millions became internally displaced persons (IDPs) within the country or refugees in neighboring nations, and many more vulnerable citizens were left in abject poverty facing starvation. During the war, the few health and educational buildings were destroyed, and teachers fled the region—leaving no infrastructure to support education.

  • 70% among ages 14+ are out of school
  • 73% Illiteracy Rate
  • 75% of primary-aged girls are not in school
  • 14% of women die during child delivery (1 in 7), making South Sudan the highest Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in the world.
  • 8.4% of infants die at birth (84/1000), placing South Sudan among countries with the highest Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in the world.

Our Vision

Due to decades of civil war, the people of South Sudan are grappling with economic hardship, the absence of good schools, poor health care facilities, and a lack of paved roads. Often, classrooms are entirely outdoors. Students use rocks and planks for seating and have only one or two textbooks for all subjects.

Intentional, quality education is the solution to the problems facing war-torn South Sudan. Through education, entrepreneurship, and leadership training, Undying Hope is raising a generation of leaders that can transform the future of South Sudan.

School of Leadership

This four-year boarding school program for girls and boys will weave together a traditional secondary education with leadership and entrepreneurship training. This school will be an opportunity to build relationships across communities, undermining the tribalism that destroys peace in South Sudan and cultivating leaders that have a vision of a brighter future.

Additionally, the UHI Administrative & Coordination office will build relationships with local government, businesses, and communities in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. This office will oversee the work at the school, serve as a strategic networking opportunity, and adapt the leadership training to be used in businesses, government, and other organizations.

South Sudan

Juba—capital city of South Sudan. UHI Administration & Coordination Office


WauUndying Hope International Future expansion


Malakal—Undying Hope International Future expansion


AweilMultipurpose Buildings Project

South Sudan Quick Facts
  • On July 9th, 2011, South Sudan seceded from Sudan and became an independent sovereign nation
  • The estimated population of South Sudan is 11 Million
  • The estimated total land area of South Sudan is 235.9 sq. miles (nearly size of Texas)
  • Currently, South Sudan has only one paved road outside Juba, the capital, connecting to Kenya and Uganda. A few more roads are on the way.
  • 72% of South Sudan’s population are young adults under the age of 30.
  • South Sudan lacks infrastructure such as good schools, clean water, paved roads, and well-equipped hospitals

You can Help

Community members in Aweil and Wau generously donated construction and farming lands to Undying Hope as their active way of supporting Undying Hope’s vision and mission. We need your support as we build the future of South Sudan.


Theil T. Theil

Founder & Executive Director

Book Theil for a public speaking engagement

Listen to Theil Theil share his incredible story of overcoming the challenges of growing up in a civil war as well as the vision for Undying Hope. He can bring this inspirational message to schools, organizations, churches, groups, etc.

Hope Rising Updates

Back to School amid Hope and Uncertainty

The Theils and Undying Hope family sends you greetings, love, and hugs from East Africa! My family transition is coming along well. The weather in Nairobi has been switching between cold, hot, and windy. People are friendly, and development is ostensibly underway. My wife Aluel (Rose) is finally settling in after a challenging transition to East Africa…

Greetings from Africa

Dear family and friends,My family made it safely to East Africa a few hours ago to stay permanently. I will travel back to the United States once or twice yearly for meetings, public speaking, fundraisings, and other Undying Hope programs and activities. I will spend most of my time overseas translating Undying Hope’s vision, networking,…

Going by Faith—December 2022 Update

Christmas Charitable Giving: If you are considering Christmas charitable giving this year, please consider Undying Hope for South Sudan and beyond. Any dollar amount you donate is deeply appreciated and will make an impact. Undying Hope is making a difference in South Sudan and Kenya because we are surrounded by friends and family who believe…

Compassion Lifts Clouds of Uncertainty

Poverty-stricken populations lack basic necessities and experience unbearably painful and cloudy life. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness intensify when we face challenges and difficulties beyond our control and ability. In the valleys of life, vulnerable people hope and pray for compassionate hearts to rescue them. The utmost desire at this low stage is a desperate…

United around Books and Beans

Tribalism is eroding the social fabric of South Sudan. Admittedly, tribalism is one of many problems South Sudan is grappling with, hindering development and prosperity. On my Facebook heading, I wrote, “Out of many tribes, one people, one nation, one South Sudan.” This phrase stemmed from my profound belief through experience that great things happen…

Stories of Hope: Martha

You have paved my way to success and the burden I was struggling with is now being shouldered by Undying Hope International.  Martha, 1st Year Medical School Student

Stories of Hope: Mabile

Education in this far end of Africa is what we are yearning for. It is a dream some of our disadvantaged youth will never realize, solely because we are unable to afford its costs. What you have done for me is far beyond valuation and measure. It is an unparalleled gesture of kindness.  I will be dedicated to making efforts that…

Together we can GIVE HOPE!! 

Sponsorship Opportunity:With the growth of Undying Hope in East Africa comes a need for student sponsorship. As mentioned above, our students range from elementary school to university level. If your heart is nudging you to give hope to students in East Africa, then act by sponsoring a student’s education. Undying Hope now has student sponsorship…

Stories of Hope: Atak

Your generosity is not just a charitable contribution but is also a big investment towards bringing change in South Sudan and the world at large. Atak, 3rd Year Medical School Student

Stories of Hope: Jane

You have really lightened my financial burden which allows me now to focus more on the most important aspect of school learning and not searching for fees. Receiving your generosity has inspired me to think of helping others and identify ways to give back to my community. I hope one day I will be able to help others to achieve their dreams just as you have helped me. Jane, 2nd Year Business Management Student

Stories of Hope: Madut

Your open hands have saved me from dropping out of the university due to tuition fees constraints. With this scholarship, I shall be able to graduate and serve the vulnerable people especially our mothers and children who are yearning for more qualified medical personnel in the hospitals. Madut, 4th Year Medical School Student

Special Update from South Sudan

This special update will highlight several important strategic tasks and achievements before, during, and after our recent trip to South Sudan and “beyond.” Recent Trip to South Sudan:Last month, Dr. Charles, the Board Chair, and I embarked on a learning trip to South Sudan and beyond. In South Sudan, we met with the strategic leaders,…

Building A Healthy Nation 

Story of Hope Preventable diseases are taking a toll on young South Sudan. This desperate situation could not be more true for 11-year-old South Sudan. Since its birth in 2011, the country has been plagued with numerous problems, including preventable diseases that have continued to ravage its population. Many parasites and viruses have been at…

A Ray of Hope for Vulnerable Kids
in South Sudan

The Theils & Undying Hope My daughter, Ayan (AKA Nina) turned two years old today. Yay!! Nina was born on April 15. She is a Tax Day lady! My wife got a part-time job as a cook at a school. In South Sudan, we say she is “a good cooker” Smile! Our son, Thomas, is adjusting well to his…

Change of Address

1. Undying Hope now has an official Houston address, both street address and P.O. Box: Undying Hope International17119 Red Oak Dr.Houston, TX 77090 orUndying Hope InternationalP.O. Box 90120Houston, TX 77090 2. Undying Hope now has its unique phone number(832) 412-8668 3. You can donate through any of the three methods: Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and generosity!  Why am I about Undying…

Build A Foundation Of Hope For South Sudan

The people of South Sudan are grappling with deplorable living conditions, with economic hardship, an absence of good schools, poor health care facilities, and a lack of paved roads. Often, classrooms are entirely outdoors. Students use rocks and planks for seating and have only one or two textbooks for all subjects. Undying Hope International, Inc.…

Hope Against All Odds: Highlights From Recent Trip To My Beloved South Sudan

My recent trip to South Sudan was fruitful and encouraging. That being said, I experienced a piercing thorny pain in my heart due to countless orphans and street children wandering hopelessly and aimlessly. The purpose for my trip to South Sudan was, thankfully, accomplished!!!! I came back to the U.S. two days ago, still grappling…

Seeds Of Hope & Student Scholarships Trip

A few months ago, I mentioned a potential trip to South Sudan in March 2022 for four main purposes, among others: Well, that time is already here. I checked in successfully and will be boarding soon. All of these would not have been possible without your continued support, generosity, and believing in Undying Hope vision.…

An Announcement: Theil T. Theil Transition To Texas (TTTTTT) With Family

The Theils Transition to Texas God’s plan is the heart of this update. Life is often unpredictable, and God’s calls are irresistible. He has a plan for each of us which we ought to obey. My family has been called to Texas this season. That said, it’s with a mixed feeling I am writing this…

Undying Hope 2022 Student Scholarship Program

Today, I am reminded of the day I set foot on US soil as a newly arriving refugee. It was a frigid day for African bones, which had never experienced such freezing weather before. I didn’t speak English and was not familiar with American culture. Everything was new and dynamic, including people who seemed very…

Honda Pilot On The Mission

Dear family and friends,With an outpouring joy and gratitude, I want to share exciting and uplifting news with you. The owner of Pohanka of Salisbury has donated a very nice Honda Pilot to Undying Hope International! Such a blessing! The market value of this donated Honda Pilot is $25,000. We are immeasurably grateful for the…

Survival Against The Odds

Resilience. As I contemplated on all the positive outcomes and array of challenges in 2021, the word “Resilience” popped up in my mind, if you will. Oxford dictionary defined resilience as “the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.” My imagination went as far as overseas. South-South, to be specific. I wondered about the lack of…

From Three Cooking Stones To A Catalyst For Transformation

Scholarship for 50 -100 studentsand Train-the-Trainer Program for 2022 Dear family and friends, We are thrilled and looking forward to 2022 with overflowing joy, commitment, and passion to make a difference. Last month, Undying Hope’s Board of Directors passed the 2022 budget within it are scholarships for 50 -100 students and Train-the-Trainer Program. These two…

Christmas & Bright Moonlight

Dear family and friends, As the world celebrates Christmas (December 25th), my family wishes you and your family a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas Eve and Day! On this day, I am reminded of two wonderful times in a year. Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, the birth of Jesus Christ. I am also…

Boots On The Ground

Dear family and friends, This time of the year, we look back to examine and evaluate how we spent our God’s given year, pause and focus at the moment because today is all that we have, and look forward into the future and the following year with hopes, expectations, and plans. Undying Hope is no…

Thank You!!!!! Giving Hope Campaign For Scholarships

Giving Hope Campaign for Scholarships Dear family and friends, Establishing, leading, or working for a nonprofit organization is undoubtedly challenging. However, the deep joy of imagining someone’s life will be transformed due to tedious work behind the scene is precious and priceless. Similarly, moral support, intercessory prayers, and financial contributions from family and friends of…

Undying Hope’s Core Values: Endurance

Endurance The people of South Sudan have endured much pain, suffering, and loss of countless precious lives during civil wars coupled with widespread diseases, ongoing famines, and tribal conflicts, among others. Moreover, to this day, many South Sudanese are still enduring hardships, challenges, and difficulties as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) within South Sudan and refugees…

South Sudan’s 10th Independence Anniversary & Killarney House Fundraiser & more

Dear family and friends of South Sudan, Happy South Sudan’s 10th Independence Anniversary! On this day, 10-years ago, South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan and became a sovereign nation. Unfortunately, soon after that, South Sudan plunged into two deadly wars, economy plummeted, educational index fell far behind the world, health conditions deteriorated, famine widespread,…

Theil’s Update: June 2021

Dear family and friends, Before typing this update, I took the time to reflect on many of God’s blessings in my life. I am thankful for my beautiful and most amazing wife and our precious two children. Grateful for family, friends, and communities with whom my family is surrounded. Hopeful for many lives that will…

The Accelerating Moving Walkway

The Accelerating Moving Walkway My first encounter with the accelerating moving walkway was at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. My friend Ericson and I were at the airport waiting for our next flight to the states. We enjoyed watching people walk on the airport’s accelerating moving walkway. We were ambivalent about the speed and wondering about…

Shooting at Taab Market

A Story of Hope and Resiliencefrom my Childhood Shooting at Taab Market The social and political injustices which happened in Sudan revealed the intense cultural divide between armed Sudanese soldiers and innocent civilians. Sudan’s government deployed thousands of troops into southern Sudan to protect civilians. Sadly, when the government faced resistance in the south, these…

The Statue of Liberty, Beacon of Hope

The Statue of Liberty in New York sheds light on my hopes and aspirations upon arriving on U.S. soil as a new refugee. On September 28, 1998, as my flight (the KLM plane) approached the landing runway at the JFK International Airport, I looked out the small window. Suddenly, through the clouds of my dreams of…

A Basic Animation Story Created By My 13-Years Old Son + Update

Animation + Update  Dear family and friends, With great joy and deepest admiration, I am sharing with you a few slides of an animation story created by my 13-years old son, Thomas-Dhel, as part of his tech class. It’s a basic animation but captured Thomas’ four years of personal experience in Africa. Thomas’ story includes crowded classrooms with…

Behind Every Number there is a real person’s face

Dear Friends and Family, A simple google search on South Sudan shows over two million precious lives lost during decades of Sudan civil war and a staggering number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees scattered worldwide, including in neighboring countries.  Worse yet, health facilities and schools were destroyed during the war, and teachers fled…

Christmas Greetings & Encouragement

Dear family and friends, On behalf of my family and Undying Hope, I would like to take this opportunity to humbly express my deepest gratitude and thanksgiving for your continued prayers and support and to wish every one of you (from Annapolis, Maryland and the rest of the States to the nations) Merry Christmas! As…

Give the Gift of Hope

As the weather turns colder here in the United States, the warmer season is just beginning in South Sudan. Due to economic hardship, many children in South Sudan do not have proper clothing or shoes. In the dry season, the temperature in South Sudan can easily reach 104 *F with peaks up to 113 *F.…

In Honor of my precious mom

The phone rang in the middle of the night, startling me from sleep. The time on my phone flashed 3:59 AM and the caller ID showed my brother’s name. The time of his call was alarming, so I knew right away that something must be terribly wrong. Through tears, he informed me that our mother…

Donation Status Update

Dear Partners in Ministry, With our deepest gratitude, my wife, Aluel, and I would like to thank you for your continued prayers and generosity toward my Residency training program with Bay Area Community Church (BACC). Your partnership over the past two years has produced incredible fruit and I was blessed to be ordained on July…

3 Reasons Why “Undying Hope” Is A Name Of Choice

At this juncture along the spectrum of my Undying Hope journey, I thought it fitting and timely to share what Undying Hope means to me personally, a vision that I have been pregnant with for over three decades. Undying Hope is a journey with several milestones along the way. Thankfully, God continues to bring people…

Exciting Announcement

With profound joy and gratitude, I am announcing the launching of the Undying Hope new website!! This step could not have been possible without prayers, support, and generosity of friends and family.  Here is the link to UHI new website https://undyinghope.org The mission of Undying Hope is to educate, equip, and empower leaders to transcend division,…

July 2020 Update

Dear family and friends, With profound gratitude and joy, I would like to share two exciting news with you this month!!! More detailed information regarding “What Next” will follow next month. The upcoming letter would include gatherings of Hope initiative, a roadmap for Undying Hope, plan for my family, and potential transition to South Sudan.…

Update #9: Nominal Christianity in South Sudan

Nominal Christianity in South Sudan is spreading like a wildfire. Generally, these folks are church-goers who identify themselves as Christians, but don’t abide by what the scripture says. Presumably, this kind of spiritual loss is what gave birth to the four key problems currently facing South Sudan; corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and general attitude issues. Obviously,…