From the Desk of Theil: 3 Reasons Why “Undying Hope” Is A Name Of Choice

At this juncture along the spectrum of my Undying Hope journey, I thought it fitting and timely to share what Undying Hope means to me personally, a vision that I have been pregnant with for over three decades. Undying Hope is a journey with several milestones along the way. Thankfully, God continues to bring people to my life each step of the way to support and help me reach the next milestone. I could not have reach thus far without the support and generosity of friends and family. African proverb states it succinctly, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”.

Here is why Undying Hope is a name of choice. Undying Hope matters for three significant reasons: culturally, situationally, and spiritually. I grew up during the Sudan civil war and lived through some helpless and challenging odds. However, I have never lost hope all along.
Culturally: In my dialogue, Dinka, Theil means “sleeping on an empty stomach.” My name means going to be hungry. It’s not uncommon in South Sudan for kids or the entire family to go to bed hungry. In such desperate situations, there is always hope that there will be something to eat the following day—undying hope for a better tomorrow. Imagine kids on the photo above, some of whom might’ve gone to bed hungry a night before taking this photo with them. Yet, they are determined to go to school regardless. Such undying hope and determination to overcome obstacles are what my name and Undying Hope International (UHI) stand for. It’s my utmost hope that UHI would play a role so that no one will Theil again. 
Situationally: This is a shower room in one of the South Sudanese villages that I have been in. In retrospect, every time I take a shower in such locally made shower rooms, my heart aches for lack of infrastructure and essential services. Although there are a handful of beautiful buildings and vehicles in the capital city, rural areas are grappling with the absence of schools, health service facilities, paved roads, etc. Such a dire situation ignites in me a desire to play a role and a passion for a better South Sudan, where everyone has an opportunity to dream and achieve his or her full potential. A hope that better days for South Sudan lie ahead—Undying hope for a better future. A belief that never dies in me since I was a little boy. 

Spiritually: As a follower of Jesus Christ, my utmost hope is eternal life. When I depart this planet earth, I pray that I would hear from God saying: Well done, good and faithful servant—this spiritual reason, too, is Undying. I’m mindful that some family and friends reading this blog may have different faith belief system, which is ok. We have many other things in common. 

To learn more about Undying Hope’s vision for South Sudan and beyond, please drop me a line through, Cell 443.371.1635. Or else, sign up online for regular updates. Be a part of a vision bigger than yourself. 

Take care of yourself and each other.

Undying Hope Founder Theil Theil tells a compelling story of triumph among great tragedy and hope for a brighter future for the people of his home in South Sudan.