Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope: Martha

You have paved my way to success and the burden I was struggling with is now being shouldered by Undying Hope International. 

Martha, 1st Year Medical School Student

Stories of Hope: Mabile

Education in this far end of Africa is what we are yearning for. It is a dream some of our disadvantaged youth will never realize, solely because we are unable to afford its costs. What you have done for me is far beyond valuation and measure. It is an unparalleled gesture of kindness.  I will be dedicated to making efforts that will guarantee education for other kids in my country.

Mabile, 3rd Year Law Student 

Stories of Hope: Atak

Your generosity is not just a charitable contribution but is also a big investment towards bringing change in South Sudan and the world at large.

Atak, 3rd Year Medical School Student

Stories of Hope: Jane

You have really lightened my financial burden which allows me now to focus more on the most important aspect of school learning and not searching for fees. Receiving your generosity has inspired me to think of helping others and identify ways to give back to my community. I hope one day I will be able to help others to achieve their dreams just as you have helped me.

Jane, 2nd Year Business Management Student

Stories of Hope: Madut

Your open hands have saved me from dropping out of the university due to tuition fees constraints. With this scholarship, I shall be able to graduate and serve the vulnerable people especially our mothers and children who are yearning for more qualified medical personnel in the hospitals.

Madut, 4th Year Medical School Student