Undying Hope’s Core Values: Endurance


The people of South Sudan have endured much pain, suffering, and loss of countless precious lives during civil wars coupled with widespread diseases, ongoing famines, and tribal conflicts, among others. Moreover, to this day, many South Sudanese are still enduring hardships, challenges, and difficulties as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) within South Sudan and refugees cross the borders. Without a doubt, such endurances and toils are unbearably excruciating, yet they produce patience and resilience. Patience because of the deep-seated belief that the best days for South Sudan lie ahead. Resilience because of the conviction that the road ahead will not be easy, but hope will remain alive through it all. People of South Sudan believe that God is great and in control. He knows when citizens will enjoy last peace and leapfrog development.

Grandma is enduring through using a locally stitched winnowing tool to separate loose chaff from the grain. 

Undying Hope is a vision of endurance. Another reason why endurance is a critical core value revolves around implementing the Undying Hope vision in South Sudan and beyond. It takes patience, resilience, and endurance to serve effectively in the region. In addition to a much-needed set of skills and expertise, passion and willingness to reach the unreached communities are essential added advantages. It’s a calling.

Click here for excerpts of why endurance is a significant core value.

Furthermore, Undying Hope’s students will be expected to embrace and exemplify hard work, endurance, tenacity, and determination in words and deeds as a recipe for success. Otherwise, hope for a better tomorrow will remain just that. Hope. Hope alone is static. It must be ignited by quality education, hard work, and skills acquisition to produce the desired outcomes.


If nothing is done, every generation will continue to drink unhealthy water. This boy needs to be in the school. 

Equally important, your prayers and support are a catalyze and fuel for the endurance and success of the Undying Hope vision. Together, we can ignite hope and make a difference in South Sudan and beyond.
Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.

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